So, to go against Adam’s approach to art — I think even he realizes his hard line will probably lead nowhere because very little creative work is ever “perfect” — and to embrace Hannah’s approach, before she axed her hoarder reading, I think the show and Lena Dunham have done something right by writing about what they know and not worrying about it being perfect.

James Franco wrote about Girls again and it’s still arrogant

And then he talks about this Great Gatsby reading that has nothing to do with Girls, but I think he just wants us to know that he went to this 8-hour show in London and he didn’t even watch all of it.

(via thetvscreen)

Politicians in High School (and their Freaks and Geeks counterparts) 

1. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as Daniel Desario

2. Former Utah Governor John Huntsman as Nick Andopolis

3. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as Ken Miller

4. Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren as Lindsay Weir

5. Rachel Maddow as Kim Kelly

6. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano as Sam Weir

7. Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman as Neal Schweiber

8. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum as Bill Haverchuck

9. Senior Obama Advisor David Axelrod as Harris Trinsky

10. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as Millie Kentner

Politician Photos via BuzzFeed

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