Happy 50th Birthday Jon Stewart! 

Highlights from 2012 via Gotcha Media:

1. After Obama’s “You didn’t build that” gaffe: “What, whoa, what, whoa, what, whoa, what, no, did you? what!”

2. Reacting to “Obamaloney”: “How can a guy who looks so much like Don Draper be so bad at writing ad copy?”

3. Urging Obama to drop the Big Bird thing: “Let it go!”

4. Offering some alternatives to “Binders Full of Women”: “Binder of women, book of broads, notebook of nipples, whatever!”

5. Interviewing President Obama: “How many times a week does Biden show up in a wet bathing suit to a meeting?”

6. Unpacking his Obama gifts: “What did Obama give us? Bag of weed.”

7. Trying to report on the Gaza Strip: “That’s Gosling stripped.”

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